Petes Compass 1

This is on the Grandson of one of my favorite people ever. I’ve known Pete since he was around 11, he would come hang out when his Grandpa got tattooed. The shop bored him back then. Anyway when I was tattooing him today he said to me ” You’re really digging in” to which I replied “Are you crazy? you know, a lot of people say I’ve got a light hand!”, he replied ” Well thats not what Grandpa says” lol..classic cheeky brooklyn lad.  Anyway Pete sat really well for this today and I can’t wait to finish it in July.

Petes Compass

                                                     Side View

Jessica’s still life

This is a piece I originally did on Jessica 16 years ago. She just visited from Amsterdam and we relined it and added a little more red and orange. I loved this piece when we first did it as we took the apples from Cezanne and the other fruits from some dutch still lifes and I still love it now which isn’t always the case.