Peonies and Lotus.

I love tattooing flowers now however when I first started tattooing as a women I would get to do the small flowers pieces like a little rose on the hip etc and so I  kinda hated doing flowers as I wanted to do big crazy pieces. Something happened along the way and now I love doing floral pieces. I like the exercise of a clean line, solid color and a beautiful tattoo. I think initially I was more interested in the image and not the craft. Now its the opposite and I could do flowers like these for the rest of my life and be extremely happy. Big thanks to my customers who let me tattoo them! So we added a bee to the one flower on my friend Annie and then i tattooed her daughter Doria with the peony and then the bud and a butterfly. The other peony is on different Annie from the UK and is a cover up. The lotus on the leg was done at the Tattoos and Brews event-it was awesome and id they have it next year you should definitely go!  IMG_1932 IMG_0477 IMG_0474 IMG_0526 IMG_0369 IMG_0633

A bison and Mandala

So I did the bison and the mandala up in woodstock. The mandala was interesting because he had the long lines tattooed already and a big scar, so I wanted to add the mandala so it worked with what he had. The Rose of No Mans land is on Elvia, mu co curator of Ladies,Ladies Art Show. The lines are older like maybe 6 years or something, the color is about 4 years old.
IMG_2212 IMG_2283 IMG_1660 IMG_2833

Blue Morpho

So I got new cards, I’m super happy with them! Then this weekend I got to do this Blue Morpho butterfly on a customer of mine from the early 90’s! We are going to reline her old piece next time. Loved doing this butterfly!10313159_10153318340987435_1590222864089641865_n Untitled IMG_1597 17323_10153319599232435_5967144122775443310_n