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I am originally from the UK but moved to NYC in 1990, where I began tattooing in 1991 in the East Village in the exciting time when tattooing was still underground. I am also Co-curater of the Ladies, Ladies Art show which is an art exhibition featuring female tattooers from around the world.

Since 2008 I has been working at Forget Me Not Tattoo in Greenpoint Brooklyn. After 25 years of tattooing I am enjoying having a beautiful, private and comfortable environment where my customers and I can create collaborative and custom pieces at reasonable cost. Call to make an appointment for a consultation or send an email and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Please be patient !! I will get back to you. 

Forget Me Not Tattoo
231 Norman Avenue #311
Brooklyn NY, 11222

I am also working upstate in Kingston NY at Magnolia Tattoo, which is in uptown Kingston!

To set up an appointment at either location you can call at 718-383 5910 or email directly at

Emma Griffiths

Forget Me Not Tattoo
231 Norman Avenue #311
Brooklyn NY 11222

Magnolia Tattoo
Kingston NY

To make an appointment you can call 718-383-5910 or email me at: