USA. New York City. 1959. Brooklyn Gang.

Bobby Powers.

I have been meaning to write this blog about Bobby since august and I am now doing it. He was such a fucking character, I totally loved seeing him and hanging out. Working on him was a trip,  he had paper thin, old irish skin that bruised if you looked at it wrong. When he […]

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Anchor and flowers.

So a few years ago I got to do this heart with a lock and key for Gloria and her two boys Hudson And Ryker. This past week I got to add little Maddoxs name on an anchor. Loved doing theses pieces and hanging with Gloria. The floral piece is part of a back piece […]

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Nautilus, bird and octopus.

Haven’t kept up to date with this blog, life has been so busy. The nautilus is part of a cool underwater piece on Mels thigh. Its coming together now and we are finishing a reworking of a jellyfish and we’ve lined out a squid like creature. The birds were two i got to do recently-i […]

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Peonies and Lotus.

I love tattooing flowers now however when I first started tattooing as a women I would get to do the small flowers pieces like a little rose on the hip etc and so I  kinda hated doing flowers as I wanted to do big crazy pieces. Something happened along the way and now I love […]

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A bison and Mandala

So I did the bison and the mandala up in woodstock. The mandala was interesting because he had the long lines tattooed already and a big scar, so I wanted to add the mandala so it worked with what he had. The Rose of No Mans land is on Elvia, mu co curator of Ladies,Ladies […]

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