Peonies and Lotus.

I love tattooing flowers now however when I first started tattooing as a women I would get to do the small flowers pieces like a little rose on the hip etc and so I  kinda hated doing flowers as I wanted to do big crazy pieces. Something happened along the way and now I love doing floral pieces. I like the exercise of a clean line, solid color and a beautiful tattoo. I think initially I was more interested in the image and not the craft. Now its the opposite and I could do flowers like these for the rest of my life and be extremely happy. Big thanks to my customers who let me tattoo them! So we added a bee to the one flower on my friend Annie and then i tattooed her daughter Doria with the peony and then the bud and a butterfly. The other peony is on different Annie from the UK and is a cover up. The lotus on the leg was done at the Tattoos and Brews event-it was awesome and id they have it next year you should definitely go!  IMG_1932 IMG_0477 IMG_0474 IMG_0526 IMG_0369 IMG_0633

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