Weekend past.

Well we did Yun’s line work last week and we shaded this week. She wanted a sleeve that wasn’t heavy and she wanted it fast. I love that, I love doing big pieces, and at the end of each session I’m always wanting a bit more time. The only down side is if the sessions are spread out. Anyway we have 2 more sessions and I’m psyched to finish it. The ship was Jon’s first tattoo, on the ribs…ouch. He was very careful, came back to the shop a few weeks in a row, looked at drawings, made changes. I half wondered if he was going to bail. But he showed up with a great attitude and sat like a ROCK. What a relief, took less time than I thought so it cost less.  I like it when I come in under the quote-makes me feel honest. Jon’s family are dutch in origin so he wanted to incorporate the map of Holland into the background.

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  1. What a genius way to incorporate Holland into the ship! You can really tattoo ships! Love the pop of blue waves waves on prow, gives it such action. so cool.

  2. Yun’s tattoo is so beautiful, I saw her on the subway and had to ask who did her tattoo. I had been looking for someone to do a sleeve but thought to myself I’m not going to do it until I find someone that I feel can tattoo a sleeve on a woman. When I saw her sleeve I was like shiiiit, who did THAT?!
    When she said it was you I was like – of course- that makes sense that a female tattoo artist would really understand the difference and make something fierce without being masculine. I think people forget that woman can embody strength without having to be ‘masculine’. Fucking Bravo.

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