My Dad’s tattoos

My Dad was a Chief Petty Officer on submarines in the Royal Navy until 1977. On leave in Hong Kong, probably drunk, he got these two tattoos. I love the classic placement. One is a pin up with Hong Kong written above it. The other a pin up in a saucy version of the welsh national costume with Wales below it. God knows what my Mum thought when he came home with these two birds. In this photo the tattoos are maybe 30 years old. I used to color them when I was a little girl. Anyway we never discussed who had actually ┬ádone them until right before he died. Discussions of a personal nature were rare between us. I was pretty amazed when he answered Pinky Yun, what he said next i can’t remember exactly but it was along the lines of “brightest colors in the east”. I wish I had documented the story and taken better pictures of his tattoos.

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  1. awesome shot. and AWESOMER tattoos. love that! im sure your mum was thinking “HOT!” It’s so old school dad-navy all fucked up faded out and like they have a story. i love it!

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